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Advertising and Sponsorship

Ability magazine is the perfect medium to reach those who make decisions about assistive and accessible technology. Ability magazine is published four times a year and circulated in two versions: a printed four-colour magazine; and an ebook.

Subscribers to Ability include disabled users, IT professionals, assessors, educationalists, disability professionals, HR managers and those concerned with making IT accessible.

The publication is also available at major adaptive technology events. Recent shows at which Ability has been distributed include E-Access, CSUN, Special Educational Needs, Sight Village, Techshare, Phoneability, Hearing the Future, BETT and British Computer Society Disability Group events.

The charities AbilityNet, ACE Centre, Employers Forum on Disability and Leonard Cheshire Workability make the magazine available through their centres and with systems supplied to disabled people. Ability is also available at public and university libraries. 

Advertisement sizes

Size Trim   Bleed
Page 297mm x 210mm   306mm x 215mm
Half Page 125mm x 180mm   n/a
Quarter Page 118mm x 87mm   n/a
One eighth Page 62mm x 87mm   n/a


Advertisements can be received in high resolution PDF or Quark files

Copy deadline:    Three weeks prior to publication dateFor further information contact: John Lamb, or telephone 01273473886


Sponsorship of Ability magazine is a very immediate way of signalling a company’s involvement with accessibility issues. Ability offers a sponsorship package consisting of acknowledgements, editorial benefits, advertising space and free copies of the magazine.

A number of organisations have sponsored Ability including Accenture, BT, Ford, Learn Direct, Microsoft, UK Online and Incisive Media, each making a yearlong commitment to the magazine.

John Lamb Media is happy to tailor sponsorship arrangements to meet an organisation’s particular requirements. Contact John Lamb at or call 01273473886.

We are a founder member of the British Assistive Technology Association 





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