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Survey of AT used to access GOV.UK

The Government wants to know what assistive technology people are using to access GOV.UK, its single portal for government services. 

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is conducting a survey to find out what devices and assistive software users have; and which web browser they use. 

“Your answers will help us ensure your software continues to work with our website and digital services,” says the GDS. 

Assistive technology does not leave any traces on the portal, so GDS has no idea what technology is being employed to access GOV.UK. 

“The results will help us find areas we need to focus on, for example, the most popular screen reader and version. This will help us make GOV.UK continue to work for those users, and tell us how far we need to go back to support older versions,” explains GDS. 

Anyone who uses assistive technology to access GOV.UK should respond. Typical types of technology include: 

  • ·         Screen readers (for example, JAWS and VoiceOver).
  • ·         Screen magnifiers (for example, ZoomText and Supernova).
  • ·         Voice input applications (for example, Dragon).
  • ·         Literacy software (for example, ReadandWrite Gold).
The survey also gives those who respond the opportunity to tell GDS about any accessibility barriers they experience when using GOV.UK. 

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