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Standing desks on the up in offices

Wheelchair users and people with muscular skeletal problems are benefitting as employers are increasingly buying height adjustable office desks and tables that workers can sit or stand at.

With sales increasing 20% over the past year, according to project management company Tower Eight, big names such as the Bank of England, Google, Centrica and Reeds have recently invested in sit/stand furniture.
Constant sitting is harming health, say office designers, potentially causing cardiovascular problems or vulnerability to diabetes.
Not only are the new style desks and tables considered healthier for employees and meet legal reasonable adjustment requirements, but they suit the hot desking approach adopted by many companies.
The furniture’s space saving qualities also find favour with cost conscious businesses.
The high cost of sit/stand desks is an issue though. Adjustable electric desks that can be programmed with different settings can be several times the cost of a standard desk.
However, less expensive options such as a simple desk with longer legs may work just as well.
“The demand is clearly there, although price is still a key inhibiting factor, but as appetite grows prices will reduce as more suppliers enter the market,” says Mark Shepherd of the Wagstaff Group furniture firm.
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