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Wheelchair for sunseekers

 Here's an idea: why aren't there wheelchairs in place at resorts that have the following:

  • Tank tracks, so easier to get across the sand
  • Inflatable sides with secure self rightingadditions so that these chairs can wheel directly into the sea or pool
  • Parasol slot or cotton covers so there's protection from the sun
  • An alarm button or whistle just in case
  • Get rid of the horrid sweaty plastic seat and replace with cool hard wearing mesh that's breezier in hotter climates? 

On honeymoon this year in the Maldives I saw one woman in a wheelchair. I followed up the idea that then formed with a few people with similar confines and the suggestion went down a storm. They're now waiting for something to happen.  

So, we wrote to all the wheelchair manufacturers and have only had one 'courteous' reply. The mission seems somewhat dead now. Perhaps you can help. 

We want no money or fame from this. Just a better deal for those confined to wheelchairs. It seems so unfair they miss out on nice holidays or even just feeling less of a burden to friends and family that they could go on holiday with, purely because they cannot walk. 

There is money to be tapped in the disability market for holiday companies. And they seem to be overlooking this. The holiday companies could purchase a couple of these chairs and place them at resorts for use by visitors.

Georgina Firth

We are a founder member of the British Assistive Technology Association 





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