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The forms that drive an online jobseeker mad

Ability recently wrote about inaccessible job sites (Ability, issue 72 p10). As a dyslexic, when I apply for online jobs those on-line forms drive me mad because of all the jumping.

I know that some providers do issue the application in Word, but it’s the endless filling in of my personal details, my qualifications, education and my work experience that drives me mad. Surely they can best serve everybody by standardising all forms of this nature.

I also have trouble with filling in the job specifications in that the list of specifications is good in itself, but should not my role in my employment, my qualifications and my references do the work of deciding my suitability for a job?

Having to fill in these forms puts me off applying for jobs so much that I usually get work through word of mouth or some other means. I think that in our information overload society employers should think about how to save our precious time. That is something that dyslexic people are always trying to do: be time efficient.

It usually takes me all day to fill in one of these forms. Can the universities please issue one generic form with only the front page to complete, if necessary, and a covering letter?

The different form each time is a tyranny, and a hopeless waste of time. One generic form that satisfies for a given role, filled out once and a covering letter that we have to write each time to highlight how we fit that specific job is the only humane way to go for everyone.

Aileen Hanrahan, self employed dyslexia tutor

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