Tech4Good award winners  »

Recognising nine organisations and individuals who use digital technology to improve lives everywhere.

Voice recognition  »

For disabled people, this software has long been an invaluable tool for those unable to type, use a mouse, or write.

Woman using voice recognition system

Barrier free banking  »

Paul Smyth, accessibility head of Barclays, explains the bank's plan to be the most accessible big company in Britain using assistive technology.

Paul Smyth of Barclays

2012 Features List


Accessible corporate websites
Repetitive strain injury


Communication aids
Silver surfers - the future for all of us
Speech technology


Mobile phones and PDAs
Keyboard alternatives


Low vision systems
Text conversion - to speech, HTML, Braille



Regular features

The emphasis of Ability magazine is on practical issues around people in work and education and just enjoying daily life through the huge and growing potential of information and communications technologies. We will all individually be affected sooner or later as we grow older, suffer accidents or fall prey to degenerative diseases.

The practical, positive approach of Ability magazine is reflected in its regular features, including:
Work Study: a live case study of IT supporting someone at work or in education
Briefing: a straightforward guide to a technology or other issue
Ability Interview: a chance for people working in the field of disability to have their say.

In addition the News and Resources sections keep employers, educators and disabled people themselves up to date with current issues and new product developments, while the Feedback section enables readers to share their views.

Editorial deadlines are as follows:

Spring March 3

Summer June 2

Autumn September 1

Winter November 14

Note: these are deadlines for agreed supplied contributions: offers of articles, ideas and other material should be made by a month earlier. For further information contact the editor, John Lamb john.lamb@abilitymagazine.org.uk

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